PainScrambler: The New Kind of Pain Relief Device
PainScrambler(Scrambler Therapy®) is a first of its kind pain relief device which has been approved as a new medical technology, by FDA, CE, and KFDA. The Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare also approved ‘Scrambler Therapy’ as a new medical technology, and also classified it as s non-covered healthcare service. The American Medical Association approved it as an emerging medical technology and assigned it the Code CPT-III.
Scrambler Therapy® works by generating artificial non-pain nerve signals, recognized as body’s own and transcutaneously delivered to the brain, through electrodes applied to the skin. The result is safe, non-invasive pain relief- without any side effect.
Scrambler Therapy® expands the types of pain that can be managed, including: chronic pain, cancer pain, post-operative and/or post-traumatic pain, neuropathic pain, Intractable pain, etc.
Currently in use at over 230 hospitals in USA and Korea, Scrambler Therapy® is sending signals for a pain free world.
Electric Stimulus Device for Transcutaneous Pain Relief
Product Name : Electric Stimulus Device for Transcutaneous Pain Relief (Scrambler Therapy®)
Device Name : PainScrambler MC-5A
Indications : For pains difficult to manage with pre existing treatments. Indications include: Chronic pain, cancer pain, intractable pain, post operative pain, post traumatic pain, neuropathic pain
Disclaimer : Note that Scrambler Therapy® is a medical device, and thus should be handled as such, after reading the manual and warnings.
Scrambler Therapy® Treatment Method
Scrambler Therapy® is a new type of pain relief treatment that works by normalizing the pain system to a state of no pain. This is achieved by transmitting artificially generated non-pain information to the central nervous system in a non-invasive manner- by simply attaching electrode patches on the skin
Each channel has 2 electrodes. Apply them to not the pain area, but one distal and one proximal to it. Use as many channels as needed from the 5 channels available.
After the electrodes have been properly attached, minimum of 30 minutes of treatment period is recommended. Also, 10 consecutive treatments is recommended, excluding the weekends.