Pain Scrambler: Medical Device for Pain Relief
(Pain Scrambler)
Scrambler Therapy® is a technologically advanced medical device that has been granted the Non-insurance benefits notification by the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare, followed by approval by the USFDA and the KFDA, as well as recognition as ‘New Medical Technology’ evaluation by the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare.
Scrambler Therapy®, a high tech medical solution to relieve pains by transmitting artificial neuronal messages via surface electrodes in a non-invasive manner, has been internationally validated, as granted a CE mark in 2008, FDA clearance and approval in 2009, and a code for emerging medical technology (Code CPT-III) by the AMA. It has also obtained credibility across the country by being recognized as a new medical technology evaluation in 2013
The indications effective for the Scrambler Therapy follow: Chronic pain, Cancer Pain, Post-operative and/or post-traumatic pain, Neuropathic pain, Intractable pain, etc.
Electric stimulus device for transcutaneous pain relief
Product name : Electric stimulus device for transcutaneous pain relief (Scrambler Therapy MC-5A)
Shape name : Pain Scrambler MC-5A
Purpose of use : This medical device aims to relieve chronic pain, cancer pain, refractory pain, postoperative analgesia or posttraumatic pain, neuropathy pain, through electric stimulus signals using transcutaneous electrodes
Please note that skilled knowledge and directions to use are required as the Scrambler Therapy is a “medical device.”
Treatment method of Pain Scrambler
Scrambler Therapy is a new treatment method to relieve pain by normalizing the pain system, transmitting artificial neurons of non-pain information to C.N.S. in a non-invasive manner through transcutaneous electrodes.
Use 5-channels as needed and apply the electrodes to normal area avoiding pain area on pain pathway
Apply 30 minutes per treatment and 10 consecutive days excluding weekends