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Our adventurous culture where we have no fear against any challenges, with creative technological revolution for the happiness of all mankind


Our adventurous culture where we have no fear against any challenges, with creative technological revolution for the happiness of all mankind


Our social responsibility considering our customers’ happiness the core value

The ‘GEO’ as in GEOMC contains our ideals for the better future, with the meaning of which in Chinese ‘faith will lead you to achievement.’ It also implies our corporate philosophy that GEOMC strive to support happiness of all mankind, as we succeed in the creative image of our major product, MC Square.

Maidenhair tree
  • >Tree as a symbol of strong vitality that survived from the Paleozoic era through the ice age till now
  • >Tree that symbolizes good fortunes and riches as well as shields against calamities
  • >Tee that looks like human brain
  • >Tree that is resistant to environmental pollution and filters the polluted air  
  • >Tree with longevity that is proof against fire
  • >Tree that has vigorous and dynamic energy to change the world
  • >Tree that represents a harmony of yin and yang
  • >Tree that is beneficial to human beings in all aspects

Young Hyun Lim


The Year of the Rooster with intelligence, boldness, and foresights has come. Despite the economic challenges in Korea, GEOMC will quickly adapt to the new environment and continue to strengthen our business structure in order to be better prepared for the future.

With the aim of contributing to the happiness and welfare enhancement for all mankind, GEOMC have been taking a lead in the field of brain science and technology based on accumulated expertise and market power for the past 27 years. Although we went through many difficulties, we never gave up, and yet kept moving forward and further reinforced our core businesses of the Scrambler Therapy and MC Square.

As the brain science industry has been in the limelight across the world, the relevant business markets have been considerably expanding along with rising business opportunities for the health and wellbeing industries. Also, such business trends have led to various emerging businesses especially associated with sleep and companion animals.

Amid a rise in aging populations, we believe such opportunities can also shed a light on the business of MC Square, thus we will concentrate on our competence to gain new momentum and to spark a great revival of MC Square in 2017 for Chinese and domestic markets.

The Scrambler Therapy, globally acclaimed as a high tech medical device, brought a new paradigm to pain treatment and has ensured its competitiveness in professional medical industries. As it’s distributed to many authorized health care institutions across the country, we managed to firmly build our brand values and will continue to make all of our efforts to achieve set growth by strengthening our organizational structure including professional sales department.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to our customers, shareholders and business partners in supporting to make his corporate success feasible. We will exert our dedicated endeavor to strengthen and grow the company to enhance happiness to all.





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